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Ankle Arthroscopy

Mehmet İşyar, M.D. Prof

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to examine, diagnose and perform surgery inside the ankle joint.This procedure is performed by looking inside the ankle joint with a thin tube and camera called an arthroscope.Ankle arthroscopy is used to address problems such as ankle joint pain, stiffness and restricted movement.
Ankle arthroscopy can be applied for the following purposes:
1. **Diagnosis:** To observe the inside of the ankle joint to find the source of the problem causing ankle pain or discomfort.
2. **Treatment:** To perform surgical interventions to correct or relieve damage within the ankle joint. For example, repairing torn tendons, addressing cartilage damage or removing bone spurs.

3. **Rehabilitation:** Directing physical therapy and rehabilitation to accelerate the healing process and restore ankle joint function after surgical intervention.
Ankle arthroscopy provides the ability to observe and repair the inside of the ankle joint, usually without making a larger incision.This means a faster healing process and less tissue damage.
The results of this surgical procedure can vary depending on the specific condition of the patient and the type and severity of the surgical intervention.After ankle arthroscopy, patients usually participate in a rehabilitation programme. These programmes help them regain ankle joint function and mobility.

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