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Ankle Cartilage Treatment

Mehmet İşyar, M.D. Prof

Ankle cartilage treatment addresses conditions in which the cartilage within the ankle joint is damaged or worn away. The ankle joint is an important joint that carries the weight of the body and makes various movements possible. Cartilage damage can occur due to traumatic injuries, overuse or arthritis.

Ankle cartilage treatment may include:

1. **Conservative Treatment:** In cases of mild cartilage damage, conservative methods such as rest, ice application, compression and elevation (RICE), physical therapy and painkillers can be used. In addition, special shoes or supportive devices (e.g. ankle splint) may be used.

2. **Physical Therapy:** Patients with ankle cartilage damage are often recommended to participate in physical therapy programs. These programs aim to strengthen the muscles around the ankle joint, increase range of motion and improve balance.

3. **Medication:** Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to relieve the pain caused by cartilage damage.

4. **Injections:** Corticosteroid injections or hyaluronic acid injections can help reduce pain caused by cartilage damage.

5. **Knee Surgery:** In cases of severe ankle cartilage damage, surgical intervention may be necessary. These operations may include cartilage repairs, cartilage transplants or joint replacements.

6. **Cartilage Repairs and Transplants:** In certain cases, damaged cartilage

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