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Hip Osteoarthritis

Mehmet İşyar, M.D. Prof

Hip osteoarthritis is a health problem that occurs when the cartilages of the hip joint wear out or become damaged over time. This condition, also called “hip osteoarthritis” in the medical literature, occurs due to the weakening and wear and tear of the cartilages in the hip joint. The hip joint is a large joint that connects the spinal cord to the pelvis and is essential for bearing the weight of the body and for movement.

Hip osteoarthritis usually occurs for a variety of reasons, such as aging, overuse, obesity, hip injuries or genetic factors. The condition is characterized by symptoms such as pain, stiffness and restricted movement. The pain usually increases during activities in the hip joint and decreases during rest.

Treatment of hip osteoarthritis can vary depending on the severity of the symptoms, the patient’s age and health status. Treatment options may include:

Medications: Medications such as painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
Physical Therapy: Physical therapy programs are used to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint, increase range of motion and reduce pain.
Locking: Injections or medications can be given into the hip joint, which can help relieve pain.
Locking Surgery: Surgery may be needed to correct damage to the hip joint. This may involve repairing damaged cartilage or bones.
Hip Replacement: Damage to the hip joint can be very

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