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Meniscus Transplant

Mehmet İşyar, M.D. Prof

A meniscus transplant is a surgical procedure performed when the meniscus tissue in the knee joint is severely damaged or removed. The menisci have important functions such as maintaining the stability of the knee joint, providing shock absorption and facilitating movement. A damaged or missing meniscus can cause pain, swelling, limited movement and other problems in the knee joint. A meniscus transplant is used to solve or alleviate such problems.

A meniscus transplant usually involves a surgical procedure in which a donor meniscus is removed. This donor meniscus is taken during a previous organ donation or a procedure called an allograft. The donor meniscus is placed in place of the damaged meniscus in the recipient’s knee joint. This procedure can help restore function in the patient’s knee joint and relieve pain. Meniscus transplantation can be an effective treatment option for suitable patients and is often considered when other treatment methods have failed or are not suitable.

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