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Meniscus surgery is a surgical intervention performed in case of injury or tearing of the half-moon-shaped cartilage tissue in the knee joint called the meniscus. Menisci have important functions such as providing stability of the knee joint, increasing shock absorption and reducing friction of the joint surfaces. An injured or torn meniscus can lead to symptoms such as knee pain, swelling and restricted movement.

Meniscus surgery is usually performed with a minimally invasive surgical technique called arthroscopy. This is done by inserting a camera and surgical instruments into the knee joint using small incisions. This allows the surgeon to repair the damaged meniscus or remove it partially or completely if necessary.

The main goals of meniscus surgery are the following:

Repair or removal of the damaged meniscus: Repairing the meniscal tissue, if possible, is preferable to preserve joint health. However, in some cases, if the damage is too extensive or the edges of the meniscus are insufficient, it may need to be removed.
Restoring stability and function of the knee joint: Postoperative physical therapy is important for the patient. This process is used to strengthen muscles, increase range of motion and restore normal function of the knee.

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