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Total Knee Replacement

Mehmet İşyar, M.D. Prof

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure to restore joint function or relieve pain due to severe damage or degenerative conditions of the knee joint. The knee joint may experience problems such as cartilage damage, inflammation or deformity due to aging, osteoarthritis, trauma or other causes. Such problems can limit patients’ activities of daily living and cause severe pain.

Total knee replacement is a procedure that involves removing the damaged parts of the knee joint and inserting a prosthetic implant. This implant represents an artificial joint designed to restore joint movement and reduce pain. Total knee replacement usually helps patients to get rid of their pain and restore the function of their knee joints.

Successful results of this operation can improve the patient’s quality of life and enable them to perform their daily activities more comfortably. However, total knee replacement surgery requires specialized experience and should be carefully evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon to determine an appropriate treatment plan for each patient. In addition, the process of physical therapy and rehabilitation after prosthetic surgery helps the patient to have a successful recovery and regain knee function.

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